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For additional information on the data that is included in our marketing datasheets, please review our Marketing Datasheet Definitions page.


Please note, the information found in the table below, as well as the information found within our marketing datasheets, is for marketing purposes only. Please contact us directly for more information regarding how our cells will perform within your specific application.


Part NumberSeriesRate CapabilityCell SizeDiameter (mm)Length (mm)Voltage (V)Capacity (Ah)Max Current (mA)Operating TemperatureChemistry
3B0024CSC93High RateAA13.749.33.931.8150 -20°C to +93°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B0029CSC93High Rate1/2 C25.429.03.933.1350 -20°C to +93°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B0030CSC93High RateC25.448.33.936.41000 -20°C to +93°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B0035CSC93High RateD33.559.43.93132000 -20°C to +93°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B0036CSC93High RateDD33.5111.53.93264000 -20°C to +93°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B0064BCX85High RateAA13.749.33.91.9100 -55°C to +85°CBromine Chloride
3B0070BCX85High RateC25.448.33.97.1500 -55°C to +85°CBromine Chloride
3B0075BCX85High RateD33.559.43.9141000 -55°C to +85°CBromine Chloride
3B0076BCX85High RateDD33.5111.53.9303000 -55°C to +85°CBromine Chloride
3B0665CSC93High Rate2/5 C25.423.43.932.7250 -20°C to +93°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B1065PMX150High RateAA13.753.13.931.7150 -20°C to +150°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B2600QTC85High RateDD33.5111.53.67312000 -40°C to +85°CThionyl Chloride
3B2800PMX150High RateDD33.0127.53.93292000 -20°C to +150°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B3000PMX150High RateCC24.9103.13.9314500 -20°C to +150°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B3700PMX150High RateC24.952.33.936.3500 -20°C to +150°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B3900MWD150High RateDD32.8127.03.67222000 0°C to +150°CThionyl Chloride
3B4800VHT200High RateC24.952.33.674.4250 +70°C to +200°CThionyl Chloride
3B5100PMX165High RateC24.952.33.936.2500 -20°C to +165°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B5200PMX165High RateCC24.9103.13.9314500 -20°C to +165°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B5700PMX150High Rate1/2 AA13.730.03.930.9150 -20°C to +150°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B6045CSC93Low RateCoin25.47.63.93110 -20°C to +93°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B6050BCX85Low RateCoin25. -55°C to +85°CBromine Chloride
3B6200CSC93High RateTSD44.294.53.93372000 -20°C to +93°CSulfuryl Chloride
3B6880QTC85Low RateCoin25.47.63.6713 -40°C to +85°CThionyl Chloride
4030100LRLow RateSub AAA10.225.43.670.5110 -40°C to +100°CThionyl Chloride
4037150LRLow RateSub AAA10.225.43.670.4810 -40°C to +150°CThionyl Chloride
4205165LRLow RateAA13.550.33.671.410 -40°C to +165°CThionyl Chloride
4225180LRLow RateAA13.550.03.671.415 +50°C to +180°CThionyl Chloride
4230200LRLow RateAA13.550.33.671.420 +70°C to +200°CThionyl Chloride
4248150MRModerate RateSub CC20.6102.93.6710200 -40°C to +150°CThionyl Chloride
4249165MRModerate RateSub CC20.6102.93.679.9200 -40°C to +165°CThionyl Chloride
4287150MRModerate RateCC24.9102.93.6713190 -40°C to +150°CThionyl Chloride
4338165MRModerate RateCC24.9102.93.6715200 -40°C to +165°CThionyl Chloride
4339150MRModerate RateCC25.4100.33.6714200 -40°C to +150°CThionyl Chloride
4342150MRModerate RateCC24.9102.93.6715200 -40°C to +150°CThionyl Chloride
4343180MRModerate RateCC25.4102.93.6712200 +50°C to +180°CThionyl Chloride
4346200MRModerate RateCC25.4102.43.679100 +70°C to +200°CThionyl Chloride
4422150MRModerate RateDD31.8127.03.6726550 -40°C to +150°CThionyl Chloride
4427165MRModerate RateDD31.8127.03.6726500 -40°C to +165°CThionyl Chloride


Additional Notes:

  • The information in this table is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a warranty of performance.
  • The length dimension was based off of a flat termination. The use of other terminations will impact overall cell length.
  • Diameter measurements include shrink when applicable.