Electrochem offers a wide range of customized power solutions for your critical and/or demanding applications.

Battery power solutions you can trust in any situation

For over 30 years, companies from around the world have chosen Electrochem™ for the best in primary lithium power solutions. Synonymous with performance, reliability and safety, our products power critical market applications for high-demand industries around the world. Electrochem designs custom solutions for long term, zero-defect performance. As a result, our cells and battery packs are designed to withstand extreme conditions found in the most demanding environments.

Electrochem is in a unique position to help our customers. We build our lithium primary cells using proprietary designs and electrolytes, giving us insight and knowledge many of our competitors don’t have. More so, it provides added flexibility to design power solutions that completely meet our customers’ needs. We have a diverse portfolio of cells in various sizes, temperature ranges and rate capabilities for designing custom battery packs to fit any application. These features result in a battery pack solution for our customers that is competitive in an increasingly global market. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide power solutions for some of the most unique industries and applications in the world.

Below you will find summaries of the types of products we produce. This includes not only our proprietary lithium primary cells, but also our complete pack solutions and evolving technologies. Feel free to browse our product information or, if you’d like to discuss a power solution for your specific application, simply contact us and someone from our team will respond.

For additional information related to the safety, transportation, and performance of our products, please visit our product information page.

Product Types

Primary Lithium Cells

Our primary lithium cell solutions are in a class all their own and arguably have the strongest reputation for quality and reliability in today's market. Our high, moderate and low rate non-rechargeable cell solutions perform in the most demanding conditions, with a reliable and robust design ensuring continuous power.

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Custom Battery Packs & Chargers

Our custom pack configurations are packed with power. Our design team is able to deliver critical power for customers using industry standard configurations or custom pack configurations to ensure the power solution meets its unique application requirements.

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Advanced Battery Technologies

As a leading provider of technology solutions for critical industrial applications, our ability to develop technologies from a pack level, as well as a cell level, gives us a capability many of our competitors do not have.

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