Superior Power Solutions
For Your Critical Applications

Electrochem™ is the premium provider of custom power solutions for critical applications where energy demands are high, operating conditions are extreme, and the cost of failure is significant.

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Power for
your Critical Applications

Electrochem is a leader in customized total power solutions for critical applications found in the world's most demanding environments. Whether we enable products that are monitoring potential environmental catastrophes, supporting troops on the battle field, or exploring geologic formations miles below the earth's surface, one thing is constant — failure is not an option.

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Superior Performance,
Trusted Innovation

With a diverse portfolio of ruggedized cells in various sizes, temperature ranges and rate capabilities, our team can design a custom battery pack to meet the unique needs of your critical application. We design solutions for long term, zero-defect performance using stringent quality processes; resulting in the most reliable products on the market.

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Ways We Partner

Our vision to enhance lives worldwide is driven by a team of seasoned experts who possess robust capabilities in battery consulting, engineering, quality, and manufacturing. At Electrochem, we are uniquely positioned to partner with you to create solutions that exceed your expectations.

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