With a diverse portfolio of cells in various sizes, temperature ranges, and rate capabilities, our team can design a custom battery pack that meets the unique needs of your application. As a tested expert in assembly and integration, including value-added solutions such as charging and battery management, our distinctive range of resources and experience ensures that our custom design is the exact fit for every application. Every design is as unique as the customer.

Electrochem® is synonymous with reliability and durability. We understand our customers’ need for security in their partners. Our emphasis on superior supply chain management includes dedication to quality through ISO processes and procedures, and is backed by the strength of being part of the Integer family. Electrochem’s approach is designing solutions for long-term top-mission performance.

Our battery solutions have been meeting the challenges of the world’s top research institutions, industry-leading companies, and government agencies for decades and we lead the pack in creating proprietary and highly customized battery solutions.

To learn more about how our custom battery packs can enable the advancement of your critical applications, read more about the cell types listed below or contact us.Once submitted, someone from our team will respond to discuss your need.

For additional information related to the safety, transportation, and performance of our products, please visit our product information page.