For more than 30 years, Electrochem’s power solutions have been the first choice for environmental applications where battery power is crucial. Our customized battery solutions are utilized in the most critical situations, where reliability and quality are paramount. They provide exceptional energy density with low self-discharge rates, making them well suited for extended life applications such as Tsunami Detection and (AUV) Underwater Buoyancy Gliders. Our batteries allow these devices to remain in deployment for longer durations than ever before.

Electrochem™ designs and delivers tailored solutions, specific to our customers’ requirements. Working in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, our highly skilled engineers provide consultation, design, development and testing for a wide array of environmental applications.

The market segments listed below provide examples of the types of critical applications where our products enable improved operational efficiency. To learn more about how we may be able to enable the advancement of your critical applications, read more about the market segments listed below or contact us. Once submitted, someone from our team will contact you to discuss your potential need.