Our Vision

Enhancing lives worldwide by providing superior power solutions that enable
the success and advancement of our customers’ critical applications.

About Electrochem®

Electrochem, an Integer® company, is a leading provider of commercial power solutions specializing in critical applications where energy demands are high, operating environments are extreme, and the cost of failure is significant. Founded in 1979, Electrochem was born from the lithium battery developed for the implantable pacemaker by Wilson Greatbatch. These beginnings not only drove a culture of technological leadership, but also instilled a heritage for superior quality, reliability, and innovation; it’s part of our DNA.

Electrochem designs solutions as unique as our customers’ applications.

About Electrochem®

With expertise in chemical, mechanical, electrical and design engineering, Electrochem’s end-to-end consultative approach and broad portfolio ensures the right solution is developed for your business. Whether our products are being used to monitor potential environmental catastrophes, support troops on the battle field, or explore geologic formations a mile below the earth’s surface, one thing is constant: failure is not an option.

Electrochem also understands our customers’ need for security in their partners. Our emphasis on superior supply chain management includes dedication to quality through ISO processes and procedures. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Raynham, MA is specially built to ensure security of supply and includes designed-in safety controls and redundancies, as well as a fortified structure with automated event isolation to ensure operational safety and continuity.

Our Commitment to Quality

At Electrochem, we enable the success and advancement of our customers by:

  • Developing and improving our superior power solutions and the processes that manufacturer them
  • Creating efficient systems to meet all Quality, Regulatory, Customer and Business requirements
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of our Quality system through teamwork and shared objectives