Rechargeable Battery Packs & Chargers

If your application requires quality, reliable rechargeable power, Electrochem™ is the premier choice to design an entire secondary portable energy system. With full engineering capabilities, our goal is to enhance the performance of your product, using our battery management, circuitry design, charging systems and other capabilities. We offer customized rechargeable battery packs in a diverse range of chemistries to meet specific needs, including Lithium Ion, Nickel, and Sealed Lead Acid.

In addition to our customized cells and packs, we offer a range of charging and battery management systems to ensure your solution is ready to perform in critical applications. Whether it’s a complex design for a smart charging system or a simple charger, our team of engineering experts performs a detailed utilization and technical analysis that will allow us to design a solution to accompany your custom battery and deliver long-term performance.