Advanced Battery Technologies

Founded in 1979 by the inventor of the first lithium battery for the implantable pacemaker, Electrochem™ is a leading provider of technology solutions for critical industrial applications. Our ability to develop technologies not only from a pack level, but also a cell level, gives us a unique capability many of our competitors do not have.

The technologies listed below are examples of some of our most recent innovations. To learn more about how our technologies might enable the advancement of your critical applications, read about them below or contact us to learn about these and other possible emerging technologies.

Recent Technologies

High Temp Battery Technology

Designed and engineered to endure extreme temperature spikes over 200°C, provides unmatched noise reduction by removing the need for noisy downhole generators.

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Wide Range Battery Technology

In the high-pressure, high-temperature world of downhold drilling, it’s the first technology designed to operate between 20˚C and 200˚C.

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Under Voltage Protection (UVP) Technology

Under Voltage Protection (UVP) Technology is a control that can be added to individual cells or a battery pack to prevent over discharge.

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