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Battery Chargers for Military Devices

Designing a rugged battery charger starts with understanding the battery. As a complete power system solution provider, Electrochem has the fundamental battery chemistry knowledge that is the keystone of charger design. This allows us to design and manufacture a rugged battery charger that will seamlessly integrate with a li-ion battery pack for exceptional ease of use and maximum energy delivery with a minimum charge time. Electrochem's high efficiency battery chargers can be stand-alone charger or docking station configurations that best suites the usage model of the portable device. Both desktop and vehicle-mount configurations are available.

Military Multi-Bay Battery Chargers

For a tactical warrior to take full advantage of a portable device, the battery packs must be charged quickly and remain in a high state of readiness. Multi-bay battery chargers are the best way to keep the most demanding users up and running through multiple missions, and the tactical warrior can optimize charge time according to the battery chemistry and the current available to the system. Electrochem routinely designs battery chargers and docking stations with the number of bays ranging from one to eight. Our multi-bay battery chargers employ our unique microcontroller based charging system and are available with the following features:

  • Configurable LCD or LED status indicators for various battery conditions
  • AC or DC inputs
  • Battery management features including battery conditioning and gas gauge calibration
  • Battery health and status-of-charge indication
  • Power management and conditional charging
  • Fast charge regimens
  • Custom enclosures that are rugged and have industrial design consistency with the device
  • Custom electrical contacts and battery latching schemes
  • Custom configurations such as vehicular-mount or desktop versions
  • Relevant safety and EMC certifications

Single-Bay Battery Chargers

Electrochem offers stand-alone single-bay battery chargers, in addition to the larger multi-bay battery chargers. These units offer many of the same features as the multi-bay chargers, such as a customer defined charge time, custom plastic, and LED status indicators. Many device manufacturers require both single and multi-bay battery chargers for the same device because of different usage models. Electrochem can design custom battery chargers that are easily applied to numerous configurations.

Microcontroller Based Charging

Our software controlled microcontroller architectures have the advantages of flexibility and efficiency while low parts count minimize cost. The microcontroller performs multiple duties, including, pulse width modulation control for the charger bays, variable rate charging based on exterior temperature, multi-channel control, user interface control, system communications and logic functions based on dynamic input and output power conditions. Integration of all blocks of the power subsystem into one module yields lower cost and smaller size with less heat, fewer interconnects and superior EMC performance.

SMART Battery Chargers

Electrochem develops battery chargers with varying degrees of intelligence. Smart battery chargers are instructed through the SMBus (i.e. I2C or HDQ bus) by a smart battery pack as to the voltage and current required by the pack. Smart battery chargers allow the battery pack to dictate the charge termination, however, they still have timers to limit each charging phase. The degree of intelligence embedded within smart battery chargers includes;

  • Level 2 smart battery charger is a slave device to the smart battery. The smart battery transmits voltage and current instructions, and the smart battery charger accepts these values and charges the batter accordingly.
  • Level 3 smart battery charger can initiate commands to the smart battery. The smart battery charger suggests charging voltages and currents, and can request charge initiation due to a system change such as the presence of an AC current or some other event.

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