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Rechargeable Power

Product Name Electrochem is a proven expert in pack assembly and integration, as well as other value-added solutions, including charging and battery management systems. We offer customized rechargeable battery packs in a diverse range of chemistries to meet our customers’ specific needs, including:

Lithium Ion
Lithium Ion Polymer
Nickel Metal Hydride
Nickel Cadmium
Sealed Lead Acid

Customized Charging Solutions

When you choose a rechargeable power solution from Electrochem, you can expect a complete system that fits your needs. In addition to our customized cells and packs, we offer a range of charging and battery management systems to ensure your solution is ready to perform in critical, life-saving applications.

Whether it’s a complex design for a smart charging system or a simple charger, Electrochem's team of engineering experts will design a solution to accompany your custom battery and deliver long-term performance.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Complex circuitry design
  • Unique bay configurations
  • Customized casings
  • Assorted systems to support rechargeable chemistries

When designing your custom rechargeable solution, our team performs a detailed utilization and technical analysis to truly understand your needs. The result is a charging solution that is guaranteed to satisfy all of your requirements. Our analysis includes:

  • User interface–LED & LCD options, bay configurations and graphical accommodations
  • Physical and mechanical–connections, housing, mounting and rugged casing
  • Electrical–AC/DC power, domestic and international voltage, charge times and power management
  • Battery–charge termination and interface

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