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Power Solutions for Pipeline Inspection Gauging

Gathering critical integrity data during inspection requires a battery that can deliver dependable, continuous high-energy power while traveling long distances in the pipeline. That’s why leading pipeline service companies choose Electrochem’s customized lithium batteries, designed to ensure the safe collection and transfer of essential measurements. Our lithium battery solutions, such as the popular CSC Series, meet and exceed the stringent requirements that oil and gas pipelines demand.

Product NameA single inspection assignment may exceed 70 kilometers of continuous pipeline. The battery used to power the data-collection device affixed to the inspection gauge needs to provide constant current for the duration of the assignment. Featuring the highest energy density in the industry – up to 915 watt-hours per liter (nearly three times higher than alkaline) – Electrochem lithium cells are ideally suited for this challenge.

Through the harshest desert environments and subzero arctic conditions, withstanding pounding shock and jarring vibrations, Electrochem’s battery solutions make pipeline inspections a success.

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