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Total Cost of Ownership

Even the most high performance products must be delivered to the customer on-time and within budget. Electrochem designs and manufactures our portable power systems to deliver superior run times, reliability, durability, safety and ease of use, and our proven track record of superior quality and on-time delivery results in a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that enables our customers to win market share in an increasing competitive global market.

Evaluating the Total Cost of Ownership for a Battery, Charger and Power Supply System

When TCO incorporates the lost revenue associated with poor quality and returns, out of date inventory systems and resources for supplier management, our competitors fall short of their promises to deliver low prices as advertised. Electrochem consistently demonstrates that our systems and processes result in a lower total cost than our competitors who specialize in less critical systems. A comparative cost model for battery, charger and power supply systems should incorporate the following elements:

  • Costs of dealing with defects, failures and returned products
  • Costs associated with inefficient inventory management systems
  • Management time associated with non-ISO 13485 certified manufacturers
  • Labor time associated with testing and labeling
  • Time associated with development (and a shrinking market window)

Electrochem's Demonstration of Low Total Cost

At the request of our customers, we will quantify the cost benefit of our quality, inventory systems and design services for an individual product. These elements contribute to our cost competitive battery, charger and power supply offerings:

  • A defect per million rate that is the lowest in the industry
  • ISO certification (13485 and 9001:2008)
  • Generation of Design History Files (DHF), Device Master Records (DMR) and Device History Records (DHR)
  • Traceability achieved by tracking incoming component shipments to outgoing product shipments
  • A range of test qualifications including vibration, shock, temperature, humidity, charge & discharge cycles, accelerated life, and production lot uniformity
  • Customized pre-production testing: cell testing, grading, & matching and rejection of cells that fall outside a 3 sigma limit
  • Customized post-production testing, pack cycling and fuel gauge programming
  • Implementation of final production tests and application of final product labels
  • Manufacturing processes optimized for high mix, moderate volume applications
  • Multiple quality checks & sign-offs on each production run
  • Continuous improvement and lean manufacturing
  • Production teams built around specific customers, which improved quality and efficiency
  • Compliance with UN/DoT, RoHS, and WEEE guidelines
  • Just in time product delivery

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